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"Rapidly changing technology is making it difficult to find people with the right experience and skill set.”
“Every tech company needs to overcome the IT skill gap challenge to focus on the business and drive growth.”

These are the two fundamental points on which our staffing division has been established.

Rapid advances in technology and innovation are shortening the shelf life of skills, forcing businesses to experience the changes in workforce skills they need to thrive and grow. This is where BCC-UNITED can help businesses breathe by finding the right people with the right skills at the right time.

Our extensive IT staffing services, combined with our expertise and agility, help us develop custom solutions for every need, allowing businesses to focus on growth and stay ahead of the competition.


  • Short Hiring Timeline

    Short Hiring Timeline

    Whether sourcing resources from our database pool or from the market, finding the right candidates in the shortest possible time is our forte.

  • Cost Efficient

    Cost Efficient

    Our staffing professionals in sync with the client’s clear requirement criteria will always result in significant long-term savings.

  • Statutory Compliance

    Statutory Compliance

    We handle employee benefits, payroll, tax, insurance and other statutory compliance matters with ease, thus avoiding any legal disputes.

  • Better Staffing Quality

    Better Staffing Quality

    We go beyond polished resumes and pre-screened references to provide our clients with the highest quality profiles.

  • Flexible Workforce

    Flexible Workforce

    Contract or permanent requirements, seasonal or one-off project requirements, your needs are our orders because your flexibility is our priority.

  • Expertise


    Leveraging our expertise in the latest technologies and the market drivers, we help our clients gain a competitive advantage and maximize ROI.

Looking to upgrade your team with right talent? Request our IT Staffing Services now.

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