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Outdoor marketing is the traditional form of marketing which lures us into its charm irrespective of our age. This highly visual medium is an integral part of marketing with a potential to drastically increase the advertisers’ customer base. At BCC UNITED, we coordinate different forms of outdoor marketing for maximum impact to ensure you attract the desired consumer base.


Hoardings are the largest, most impactful standard form of outdoor marketing. Located on highly visible locations, such as highways and primary junctions, they offer advertisers exposure from heavy traffic patterns. BCC UNITED not only offers advertising on traditional hoardings but also on their digital versions. Digital Hoardings have the added advantage to deliver real-time information in ads.


Add a touch of sophistication and branding to your event with BCC UNITED Backdrop designs. Whether it's an exhibition, seminar, meeting, office party or any unique occasion our personalised one-on-one service ensures all your expectations are met. We enhance any design with creative work to really bring your stage to life.


Banner marketing has the potential to impact a very large audience — fast. Banners are the perfect marketing vehicle for advertising your products and services at sporting events, trade shows, conferences, seminars, on busy city streets, campuses and more. The key to effective banner marketing is in careful selection of the design team like BCC UNITED, before you begin your campaign.

Bus shelters

Bus Shelters provide high dwell time for people waiting for the Bus and are also seen by pedestrians and vehicular traffic. High dwell time means that the media lends itself to campaigns that engage people. If your campaign needs visibility, impact and the ability to target audience, Bus Shelters are the perfect medium for advertising.

Digital billboards

Digital billboards are dynamic tools that make a perfect platform for any advertiser who wants the impact of traditional outdoor and the advantage to deliver real-time information in your ads. The flexibility to update your message weekly, daily or even hourly combined with the fact that there is no cost overhead on printing and shipping makes Digital Billboards a perfect medium for advertising.

Mobile billboards

Mobile billboard positions your message at eye level, where it is be most effective. They also provide the ability to design custom routes that enable your advertising campaign to target specific locations at critical times to maximize your exposure opportunities. 

Kiosks/ Pole kiosks

Kiosk is an outdoor media platform that supports brand promotion with affordability. Kiosks target audience while they are out of home, whether on the roads, exhibitions or trade fairs. Our advertising strategy and design ensures your kiosks get the right kind of attention.

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