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Media Management Services support and facilitate the application of media technology and non-print media resources to support and enhance marketing activities. Through our Media Management services one can reach large audience by mass communication.


With so many radio stations and innumerable TV channels, the audience is fragmented. In this fragmented world, nothing beats a daily newspaper in terms of reach, affordability, flexibility and impact. Newspaper ad sizes can be tailored to fit your budget. BCC UNITED will be at your service to schedule your next newspaper campaign. 


TV, being a vast medium, is predominantly used by major advertisers. It has the tendency to leave a long lasting impact on the audience. TV advertising combines the goodness of both "storyteller" and "demonstrator". Thus TV is the best advertising medium when product demonstration is essential. BCC UNITED ensures these demonstrations are simple yet effective.


Radio advertising has increased greatly in recent years. It reaches specific audiences at different times of the day. Additionally, people listen to the radio even when they are stuck in traffic. The 24-hour availability makes reach to a variety of customer sub-segments possible. BCC UNITED can help your voice reach your customer segment with this cost effective advertising medium. 


A movie theatre may be the only place where it's considered rude to talk over commercials. The expansive screen and large audio systems of cinemas can be tremendous production assets. Given their longer time frame, cinema advertisements can take a more narrative approach that conventional television spots don't allow. BCC UNITED visually appealing ads that audience will remember long after the film is over.

Let us help you achieve your marketing goals!Request our media management services now.

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