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Creating video is an art and the only limitation it has is creator’s imagination. There are different kinds of videos to effectively convey different kinds of objectives. BCC UNITED comes to your rescue in choosing the right kind of video that best suits your objective.

Corporate videos

Corporate videos carry the essence of a company and its brand image. They also have a reputation for being rather boring. Have your next corporate video project expertly conceived, produced and managed by BCC UNITED. We make it simple and straightforward to transform your ideas and messages into media that inspires the senses – and reaches your sales, promotional and training goals.

Ad films

Ad films require a special knowledge of the film-making craft to create instant impact and unforgettable branding. Bringing a product to life; giving it an identity, and establishing connect with its consumers is not as simple as it seems. That’s the potential of Ad Film Making. It requires skilled understanding of concepts, filming and a team like BCC UNITED to create indelible images.


Documentaries continue to play an important role in defining, exposing, and transforming realities. A visually recorded fact is invincible evidence and therefore has a greater power to move minds more than the written or the spoken word. Whether it is a corporate documentary, branded documentary, short documentary or a feature length documentary, making Documentaries that convey the reality is what we are efficient in, at BCC UNITED.

Short films

With our professional Short Film production services, you can record your motion picture and deliver it to the audience! Narrative storytelling is something we at BCC UNITED have a passion for. We can aid you in all phases of production from refining your idea into a good script, to casting talented actors, to bringing you a finished product in any format you wish. Let us help you tell your story!


BCC UNITED believes an image should be more than just a nice photograph - it needs to deliver your brand identity, create an emotional connection and trigger responses. We provide photographers who can capture details and tailor your image to your complete satisfaction. Our work reflects quality without compromising on creativity. You can count on us to deliver a product that you will be proud of.

Voice over

BCC UNITED has the experience and the talent needed to produce high-quality voice productions that deliver your message exactly the way you want it delivered. Outstanding quality at competitive pricing with excellent customer service... that's how we intend to satisfy our customers! Whether you need a professional recording for a voicemail, presentation software, radio spot or any other application, we can help !


A stunning visual narrative does not rely on language. This aspect gives your video a larger scope in the market. Our VFX services bring life your ideas through breath-taking visual effects. BCC UNITED can deliver the most spectacular sequences in movies and offer expertise across all kinds of effects, owing to the combination of a team of highly skilled professionals, the latest tools, and high end technology.


BCC UNITED Team of creative experts offer you a broad spectrum of animation services that covers all styles, from cartoon to realistic. We bring your ideas to reality with the right mix of art, sound and animation that instantly captures viewers’ attention. Our Animation services comprise of Storyboard, Character Design, 2D-3D Animation and Keyframe Animation.

Let us help you achieve your marketing goals!Request our video production services now.

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