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Job Type: Full Time

Job Location: Hyderabad

Total Openings: 1

Exp Level: 10+

Job Description:

A Solution Architect is the technical leader on the project and is expected to conduct all requirements workshops across a variety of businesses. You will architect, design, and develop prototypes and technology demonstrators with very high quality to solve contemporary and emerging critical business challenges. A high level of professionalism, a commitment to quality, and the ability to work with technical and non-technical individuals is a necessity to successfully define and implement a quality solution.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Play a key role in advising clients on their business and technical problems as a Subject Matter Expert (SME). Ideate and create transformational solutions for solving customer challenges. Ensure that the solution creates business value for the customer.
  • Drive digital transformation with clients and teams focuses on service improvements and value-adds.
  • Propose innovative ideas to the customer beyond standard delivery for all types of engagements. Forecast and drive the creation of solutions that will differentiate in the market.
  • Responsible to lead a team of consultants focusing on creating value for clients. Work with multiple teams and platforms to tailor customised solutions. Coach and groom team members to take up higher-level roles.
  • Work closely with R&D as well as OPS teams to develop solutions and strategies.
  • Define, implement, deploy and maintain development, staging & production environments for cloud-based micro-services architecture.
  • Effectively execute projects from comprehensively analyzing requirements to rapidly designing and implementing solutions to develop highly reliable and performant decentralized and distributed systems from concept to realization, targeted to deliver solutions to customers globally.


  • B.Tech/M. Tech/M.S.) in Computer Science with relevant work experience
  • 10+ years of experience in Consulting, Solutions or Technology services (with a strong focus on digital solution consulting).
  • A strong track record leading client advisory, technology assessment and solutions, along with demonstrated experience leading complex digital transformation engagements.
  • Proven expertise in business development through consultative and orchestrating complex solutions.
  • Experience in building relationships with customers and internal stakeholders.
  • ​​Experience in building and managing high performing cross-functional teams.
  • Excellent understanding of the entire CI/CD/CD process with the ability to design new CI/CD pipeline architecture and processes.
  • Understanding of various cloud deployment models and techniques together with the ability to create monitoring, alerting, and automated responses to manage cloud infrastructure.
  • SCM – GitLab, GitHub, Bit Bucket, etc.
  • CI/CD – GitLab, Jenkins, etc.
  • Configuration Management – Ansible, Puppet, Chef, etc.
  • Monitoring – Grafana, Kibana, Prometheus etc.
  • Infrastructure as Code – Terraform, Cloud Formation, Azure Resource Manager
  • Good understanding of Industry-standard design patterns/architecture such as MVC, Microservices, Lambdas etc. and good knowledge of REST/JSON
  • Working knowledge on setting up automated testing for cloud-native applications.
  • Proven experience working in fully Agile teams.

Salary: As per industry standard

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